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Compact Toilet Scrub

Compact Toilet Scrub

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The compact silicon toilet scrub is a toilet cleaning tool made of silicone material.The scrubber head is made of durable silicone bristles that are designed to remove tough stains and dirt from the toilet bowl without scratching the surface.

Silicon toilet scrubbers are usually resistant to wear and tear and can last longer than traditional nylon-bristled toilet brushes. Additionally, they are easier to clean and sanitize, as they don't absorb moisture or bacteria like other materials.

Using a silicon toilet scrubber can make cleaning the toilet a less messy and more efficient process.The compact toilet scrub also come with a soft bristle brush that can clean in and around the toilet where the silicon brush might miss, ensuring a thorough and deep clean.

The base of the compact toilet scrub can be placed on the floor or mounted on the wall with an included double sided tape.The base is a oder free, quick drying, leak proof base with a inner drainage layer and a outer stable barrel.

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